Negative split on 1/2 marathon

by Hendrik

Should one run the half marathon with a negative split ?

"I assume negative split also is recommended for 1/2 marathon. How should I set the pace on the first and second half in order to achieve the best possible time on the 1/2 marathon?

The marathon schedule I have selected to follow is sub 3:30. According to your calculator I should finish the 1/2 marathon in 1:35:30 (4:32 min/km) in order to achieve sub 3:30 on the marathon.

PS: I will use the upcoming 10 km test race to predict my finish time for both 1/2 and full marathon."

Answer: The most important is to run the marathon at a negative split, due to the metabolic and muscular challenges of the marathon itself.

In the half marathon, you want either a dead even pace or a slightly negative split (1-2 minutes slower the first part at the most)

I wish you all the best with your races !


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