Only easy training during heavy work periods.

How to deal with the 100 day plan in heavy work periods :

"Hi Marius

Thanks for a great program , just started but I can feel the progression after 4 weeks only!

I have a demanding job as a musician, which means that I travel a lot in periods and play concerts every evening. Because of the general workload both physically and mentally I find it difficult to do the hard sessions in these periods of touring. The easy runs works fine.

What do you recommend, shall I pause the program in these periods and do the easy runs, and then start from where I left the program when I get home?

all the best


Answer:Hi Morten and thanks for your question.

The way to approach this is how you outline - with easy runs instead of hard runs. However, you want to do two things :

1) Every 4th day you need an interval session in order to keep the muscles going and the overall shape. Take one of the 45 sec run 15 sec recoveries for this session - which will freshen you up mentally as well as keeping your shape going.

2) In between, after every other easy run, do the Smart Strides that you see outlined in the 100 day plan. It helps you keep the muscular system going.

And yes, once you are back again to normal rythm, just continue the program where you left off!

I wish you all the best,

kind regards,

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