Plyometrics running

by CJD

How to place in plyometrics into the 100 day marathon plan :

"Hi Marius,
As advised in an answer to an earlier question I have added skipping sessions to my training plan with great results and would highly recommend them to other followers of your plan.
Taking it a step further I would like to add in some pylometric sessions,maybe twice a week and I was wondering when best to do them.
Presently I've added in some exercises after the hard sessions even after doing the SS{absoluteley brilliant} to leave the easy days just pure recovery.
I would appreciate any guidance you could offer.
Many Thanks

Answer: Hi CJD, and thanks for your question. For those of you that wonder about placing in plyometrics in the 100 day plan - it is very important that you are 100 % injury free before doing so and have run for quite some time - meaning you are intermediate to advance level. Though the benefits are definately there, as I've talked about before - you really need to do it under full control to not risk any injuries.

Now, to your question : I strongly suggest you do these after the hard sessions only - and keep the easy days easy. Two sessions a week with this can be done (I did that myself for quite a few seasons) but you have to pay attention in the marathon specific phase of the training so that you never to these if you are feeling on the edge of what you can take training wise. So do these after session when you feel like it - but if you don't have anything to give, skip them.

I wish you all the best,

kind regards,

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