Progressive Training run

by Clennon Roe
(Okinawa, Japan)

Progressive training sessions :

"Greetings Marius,

I have a half marathon in 4 weeks. In reviewing your 10K tips for half marathon you mention progressive training session (i.e. running 1 minute / 15sec rec and progressively running faster by 5 sec. Would the following be considered comparable - running 5.5 miles and running each mile progressively at a higher heart rate --1mi/135-140; 2mi/160-165; 3mi/165-170; 4mi/170-175; 5-5.5mi/175-180?

Thx for the great program/system!!


Answer Hi Clenn and thanks for your question.

You are spot on with the type of session you are talking about, however - you can play with it even further and instead do a tight-controlled gradual increase in heartrate about minute for minute just a few beats. Pacewise this would be just gradually going up 0,1 to 0,2 km an hour on the treadmil each single minute, all through the session. Both variants would work though, the one you suggest and this type, and will be good to spice up your training if you need a little bit of variation from the 100 day plan in there / want to use it for a 10k/half marathon!

all the best,

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