Raw food and diet

by Terence Goodall-Smith

Raw food and diet :

"Hi Marius

I am 74 and have run a number of marathons and endurance events, i.e Marathon des Sables, London Marathon 3 times, and the High Alpine Pass in Switzerland, but I have never trained on raw food. I had a 'partial gastrectomy'in my early 20s and have always had trouble with my stomach and diet. Would eating a raw food diet cause me any more problems than normal?
Thanks for your help"

Answer: Hi Terence and thanks for your question.

In your case, with the partical gastrectomy to also consider, I would basically give it a shot but a little bit more balanced. Meaning : try it out for 6-8 weeks and SEE how it works. You'll need this type of period to find the full effect.

One issue you may have concerning your operation, would be if you can handle this much load of food - that going a bit more raw food means in terms of vegetable load. Especially, as you need quite a bit of energy while training for a marathon. So try to balance the raw food approach - boosting up on nuts / maybe some oils, meaning energy right foods in addition to the vegetables. That COULD be a good combination for you.

I wish you all the best,

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