Recovery after Half Marathon before starting the 100 day schedule

by Petter Vabog
(Sandefjord, Norway)

How much recovery after a half marathon :

"Hi Marius.

On Jan 7 I will run Polar Night Half Marathon in Tromsø (Norway) and then London Marathon April 22.
The 100-day schedule would start on Jan 9. How long should the recovery period after the half marathon be before starting the 100-day plan?
Is one week OK? And then start in week 2 of the 100-day schedule?

This is the second time I will follow the your schedule. First time was a success,- Oslo Marathon 03:58:20 after the 4:00:00 schedule :o)"

Answer:Hi Petter and thanks for your question.

Yes, I would say 7-10 days of recovery is enough after a half marathon before starting the 100 day plan.

Pick the first recovery week you find after the marathon and then add a few days or so and you'll be ready to go from week 2 :)

Congrats on a sub 4:00 marathon and all the best for you upcoming races !

kind regards,

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