Regarding: Mismatch between HR values and pace?

by Bjarne Maschoreck
(Kokkedal, DK)

Explaining heart rate vs. pace choice :

"Hi Marius,

Sorry to bother you again with this issue, but I feel that I did not get answer on my question. Let me try to explain my concern in another way.

The issue was that if I select the HR values, I will be fine, but if I had chosen the km values, I would have a hard time completing the training. In other words: The zones may be easy or hard to achieve depending on choice of effort.

Now, having this in mind, how can the training lead to the same result (goal 3:30 or so) considering 15+ weeks with either hard or easy training depending on what type of effort I choose to use ?

Thanks for your help!

Bjarne Maschoreck"

Answer: Hi Bjarne, and thanks for your question.

Let me explain a bit more closely.

When picking the schedule, the ideal is to use your previous 5k/10k/half marathon in order to determine your approximate marathon goal time. I talk about that in the plan and you have the calculator there as well, concerning that.

Now, as long as you have a REALISTIC time you want to achieve, based on the above, training by heart rate is the best way to do this.

However, some prefer to run by pace instead, so in the 100 day plan I also included approximate paces in there even though this will vary from one person to the other much more so than individual heart rate effort.

The pace running will never be as accurate as heart rate, but it is more of a choice if you really prefer to do it that way. And if you do : stick to it the whole way through.

I do hope this explained it a bit - and I'm sorry for the confusion surrounding it :) You place a very good and important question there so hopefully this explained it a bit more closely.

all the best,

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