Running effort levels by pace

by Pete

Effort levels explained :

"On the 2.45hr programme the effort levels are as follows:

1.) 4.42 km/m
2.) 4.14 km/m
3.) 3.46 km/m
4.) 3.34 km/m
5.) 3.29 km/m

Does that mean the ranges I should run for effort levels 1 to 4 are as follows:

1.) 4.14 - 4.42 km/m
2.) 3.46 - 4.14 km/m
3.) 3.34 - 3.46 km/m
4.) 3.29 - 3.34 km/m

Thanks a lot for your help"

Answer: Hi Pete and thanks for your question.

What you want to do if you are runninng by Pace is simply to try and hit as close to the suggested pace as possible. If that means a few seconds up or down, then that is ok. So IF you want to beak it into zones, the Effort 3 for example would be 3:46 +/- 5 seconds or so (3:40ish to 3:50-32)

I wish you all the best,

kind regards,

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