Session Info vs. Speed Info

by Mark
(Bend, Oregon, USA)

Week 2 Session 1 of the 4 hour plan confuses me.

If I were to run the six 1200m at the noted Effort 3 and Effort 4 pace in the 4 hour plan, it would take over 38 1/2 minutes, yet under Speed Info it says rather than six x 1200m you can merely run six x four minutes for a workout of only 24 minutes.

Alternating 800m at the noted pace would still take longer than 24 minutes, so I'm wondering if six x 1200m is more important, or a workout of roughly 24 minutes is all that is intended this early in the training schedule.

Answer: Hi Mark and thanks for your question.

The correct is that is says in the Session info - you've simply spotted an error in the speed info column.

I wish you all the best with your training,

kind regards,

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