Session Question : The 10 x 30 sec effort.

by Renato

"I have just been running your week 5, session 1 this evening. (goal sub 4:00) hrs. I had to jump to week 5 because of short time until 27th of Sept. I have one question regarding the 10x30 sec effort 4. I am regulating "effort" after my HR, am I supposed to speed up, wait until HR reach into effort 4 sone, then take the 30 seconds? So, I slow down again...keeping HR in rec.sone for 30 seconds or just slow down for 30 second?"

Answer : When the heart rate says for example 160-174 on a session, then this is the high end of that session. Which means that you will only run 30 seconds. In the beginning of this session you will maybe only reach 160 at the very end of the interval. At the end, you will be closer to 174. So 174 is then sort of the "roof" of heart rate for that session.

For the recoveries, no worries about heart rate, you can just be standing still or just slowly be jogging. Whatever way you prefer it !

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