Starting the 100 day plan being used to 10+ km training sessions

Always run the whole 100 day plan ?

"Hi Marius,

Sorry if this has been answered before, but I was not able to find it:

Being used to 10-13 km sessions 3 times a week (I never run less), I wonder where to start your 100 day plan: From scratch (week 1) even though I am used to more, or should I jump in in week 3 or somewhere else?

I am heading for the 3:30 plan.


Answer: Hi Bjarne, you should always run the whole schedule (if possible, time-wise) Meaning, start at week 1. However, you can add some extra easy runs in there if you feel like this - and since you are used to running more. That is no problem at all. But keep the hard runs 100 % like they are planned out.

All the best,

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