Strength training

by Marco Chiappone
(Leiden, The Netherland (EU))

Strength training and how to fit it into the 100 day Marathon Plan.

"Hi Marius,

I'm still doing some physio workouts for my knee and we're using weights and machines (e.g. leg extension, leg curl etc..)...quite hard sessions indeed!!

My questions are:
How can I fit into the marathon schedule sessions with weights? Would it be advantageous having also gym (=weights) sessions in the schedule?

cheers Marco"

Answer: I do not recommend too much strength training on the legs as the risk of injuries is too great. But in your situation you need this for your injury recovery.

My best tip is to place these on the hard training days in order to "gather" all the hard muscular work on those days and be a bit careful in the marathon specific weeks on the schedules. Here is why Strength Training

All the best with your recovery and training,

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