Target time overriding heart rate?

by Massimiliano
(New York)

Night before NY Marathon

Night before NY Marathon

Target time vs. effort / heart rate.

"Hi Marius,

The program seems to indicate that one can choose based on effort, heart rate or target time. My question is the following:

I would like to run sub 4.30, but I quickly realized that the "easy run" sessions based on the corresponding effort bring my heart rate above the level that it should be at. I can still run the session but my heart rate is at 157 rather than at 114-137.

I am just at the beginning of the program (introduction week 2) and I have had no issue with the sessions.

Can I stick to the program and see how far I go or do you have any other advice?
I have run NY in 4:54 with 65 days of training, now I would like to run a sub 4:30 in Narch and a sub 4:00 again in NY next year. is it doable, or am I overestimating the progress i can make?

I am 40, 95kgs, 3-4 runs a week.

thank you!

Answer: Hi Massimiliano and thanks for your question.

Yes, you are correct that you can choose the program according to either effort, time or heart rate - for a given goal time. But picking the approximate goal time is important in that process. If you look in the chapter on "picking the schedule" in the 100 day plan I talk about making an approximate guess of your possible finishing time (based on prior races, preferably). So that you at least have a somewhat realistic goal.

With your 4:54, you'll be safe doing the 4:30 plan, however, it is crucial that you do the 10k/half marathon race planned in there. If the 10k is way off and especially the half marathon time (you can wait until the half marathon, if you continue to improve in those prior weeks) - you may want to consider going back to the 5:00 schedule. And do adjust your race time according to that half marathon

Also, in your case : do use heart rate as it is much more accurate !

I wish you all theb best,

kind regards,

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