Track season

The 100 day plan for the track season :

"Hi Marius, thanks for the great programme!

I was wondering how i could structure the 100day marathon plan throughout the year so I can peak in the summer(june-aug)when I will be racing 5000m-10000m on the track.

Could you give me a rough outline on what effort levels i should be focusing on from approx jan-june?

I dont think anyone has asked this question yet (if they have could you give me the link), but I'm sure some of us are having a track season as well as training for the marathon after the track period:)

Many thanks

Answer: Hi Paul and thanks for your question.

Doing the 5k and 10k is a whole different animal vs. the marathon so it would be outlining a full schedule to do so. You CAN pick some sessions from the 100 day plan - except the hardest sessions in the marathon specific weeks BUT you have to use a quite different periodization in an approach to the 5k. And going to that in depth would mean several pages of explaination. You can find some parts of it at my www.mariusbakken.com site though, if you take a look at the training articles there.

I may do a 100 day 5k/10k schedule down the road though, we'll see :)

all the best,

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