Using the 5 HR zones with Adidas Pacer

by Remi Marents
(Asker, Norway)

Using the 5 heart rate zones with Adidas Pacer :

"I have bought the Pacer package with HRM, stridesensor and the main unit. They operate with 4 HR zones; blue, green, yellow and red.

The Pacer setup allows me to customize these 4 zones, and my question is: Do you have any experience or tweaks to put your 5 levels in these 4 ? To get started, I tweked the Pacer setup so that I merged the100 day marathon planĀ“s top 2 zones as the Pacer's red zone, and adjusted the other to fit - but do you have any better suggestions? Thanks."

Answer: Hi Remi and thanks for your question.

Unfortunately, I have to experience with that. You can experiment a bit but I strongly suggest sticking to the zones as close as possible to those of the 100 day plan, to balance the workouts the best possible. Otherwise, it would influence the general way the system is build up, leading into the marathon.

I wish you all the best,

kind regards,

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