Best Lightweight Running Shoes
Newest Technologies to Trim Down Running Shoe Weight

Lightweight running shoes are the “in” thing these days. Running shoe manufacturers are now able to come up with more and more running shoe technologies that do what they need to do without adding any weight at all. This led to the proliferation of running shoes that have one major advantage over similar models: a significantly lighter weight. Due to this, more and more runners pay more attention to the weight of running shoes.

Lightweight running shoes are necessary for some runners. Runners don’t all have the same weight, built, and strength levels. Some runners find it much more taxing to be hauling heavy running shoes around. Lightweight shoes can make runners’ lives easier by making sure they don’t have to exert wasted effort in carrying the weight of their shoes. By trimming down on weight, running shoe manufacturers make the shoes easier to run in. The lighter the shoe, the more you can focus on your performance, and the more strength you can pour to your actual run, and not to anything else. This is why even though runners may have various differences, most of them really like running on lighter shoes. 

Technologies that Help Reduce Running Shoe Weight in Lightweight Running Shoes

  • best lightweight running shoesNike Flywire technology
  • Nike Air Sole cushioning
  • Asics Solyte midsole cushioning


1. Nike’s Flywire technology

This is the hottest lightweight running shoe technology of today. Nike has managed to pull one up over its competitors again with its development of the Flywire technology. This technology had Nike reconstructing its running shoes completely to make them much lighter without compromising strength of material and sufficient foot support. The Flywire technology involves the use of a fibrous material that mimics the movement of foot ligaments for a more precise and virtually weightless support for the foot. The technology resulted in shoes that fit feet like second skin and can stretch any way your foot also stretched.

One of the running shoes re-created with this particular technology is the Nike LunarGlide+. The Nike LunarGlide+ is great for daily distance training and comes in gender-specific men’s and women’s versions. It provides excellent support for mild overpronators with the help of the Dynamic Support system, but it still comes with good cushioning. For cushioning, it uses LunarLite technology to keep it bouncy but super light. The women’s version also has deep, especially designed flex grooves and a wider heel width. Runner’s World hailed this shoe as the Best Debut when it entered the scene.

2. Nike Air Sole cushioning

Most of the weight of several running shoes come from the cushioning. The heftier the foam cushioning is, the heavier the shoe gets. But not with Nike. With Nike, foam cushioning is now obsolete. Nike only relies on its air-based cushioning units to provide the bouncy and energetic cushioning its shoes come with. Nike’s Air Sole cushioning units are the industry’s lightest cushioning units. They make shoes way lighter without making the shoes weaker in terms of cushioning and protectiveness.

The Air Sole cushioning can be found in several lightweight Nike running shoes including the Nike Air Zoom Elite, the Nike Skylon, and the very popular Nike Air Zoom Vomero.

3. Asics Solyte midsole cushioning

Asics also came up with very lightweight cushioning technologies. Its Gel cushioning system is still as light as ever, but now Asics has also discovered the use of the ultra-light Solyte midsole material, which helps Asics provide extra cushioning in the midsole of their shoes without adding any weight at all.

This new technology can be found in the Asics Gel Nimbus 12, the latest update of the Asics Gel Nimbus series. The best thing is that the Solyte cushioning can be especially designed so it would be gender-specific and can fit men’s and women’s feet better. This makes the Gel Nimbus one of the best lightweight running shoes with the best fit.

Other Shoes in the Running for the Best Lightweight Running Shoes

If you want more options, other lightweight running shoes that are worth checking out include the Asics Gel DS Trainer, the Asics Gel Landreth, the New Balance 903 at 28 grams lighter, and the Brooks Axiom 2.

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