Best Trail Running Shoes
Three Steps to Identifying the Best Shoe for Trail Running

The best trail running shoes have to be a lot of things that regular running shoes don’t even have to bother with. This is because trail running gear are faced with greater challenges and heavier demands. If you want to find a running shoe that’s great for running the rougher trails, you’re in for a more challenging search through running shoe world.

But before you enter the arena to begin searching for your trail running companion, you should first know how to identify a trail running shoe and to see whether it is ready for the ultimate all-terrain challenge. So here’s a three-step guide into cross-checking whether a running shoe has what it takes to conquer the trail.

Step-by-Step Guide to Finding the Best Trail Running Shoes

  • best trail running shoesWeigh the shoe
  • Look under the shoe
  • Test run the shoe


1. Weigh the shoe

The first step is to check the shoe’s weight. You’re going to be running on rough road with all the rocks, twigs, and all the debris. It’s a greater running challenge. It is more tiring and requires more effort. Do you really want to be carrying so much extra weight around? Of course not. So the first agenda is to check the weight of the shoe. Make sure it’s a weight level that you feel comfortable carrying around with you.

Heavy trail running shoes can make you run more slowly and can also make you more tired than you should be. This is definitely not helpful in your reaching your trail running goal. The lesson: go with lighter shoes or at least shoes that don’t require much effort carrying.

2. Look under the shoe

Step two is to flip the shoe over and look under it. Check the outsole. First, the outsole should be very durable. It is, after all, what comes in contact with the ground. So whatever you meet on the ground, from rocks, twigs, stones, and so on, your outsole will be exposed to it. So make sure the outsole material is durable and resilient. If it looks as if the outsole’s going to break down when it hits a rocky terrain, that’s not the best trail running shoes for you.

Second, the outsole should have good traction and grip on the surface. During your trail run, you will face a lot of uneven terrains. If your outsole can’t grip the ground well, chances are that you’ll get into accidents and injure yourself on the harsh trail. This is very important. Go with rubber outsoles that can stick to the ground even when the surface is a bit slippery. There must also be aggressive lugs or grooves on the outsole.

3. Test run the shoe

The third step is to test run the shoe before you take it to the actual trail. The running shoe should have a great fit. It should provide plenty of support where it’s necessary. A lot of people prefer to have lower heels when it comes to trail running shoes. The higher off the ground they are, the less control they have over the movement of their feet. And in trail running, you need all the control you can get. This is why most runners appreciate a little motion control in the best trail running shoes.

Need Directions? Leads to the Best Trail Running Shoes

For a lightweight and flexible trail running shoe, check out the Asics Gel Trail Sensor. This shoe also provides good ground traction thanks to its special outsole design. Its outsole is designed with the Trail Sensor technology, which adapts to the type of terrain you’re on. You can also read more about the best shoes for trail running over in this article

For a great fit, try on the Adidas Trail Response, which is especially recognized for its excellent and very comfortable fit and feel. Another shoe created using only the most comfort-focused materials is the New Balance 809.

For top-of-the-line traction, get a feel of running on the Asics Gel Eagle Trail. The shoe even offers plenty of support features to keep you steady at all times.

Those are just some of the best trail running shoes you can find in the market.


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