Men's Walking Shoes
Finding Your Foot's Constant Companion

Men’s walking shoes are very important. They are necessities since you need them for your regular walks. If you haven’t tried shopping for walking shoes in the past, then you must think buying the right walking shoes is all about finding a nice-looking shoe with a great design and a great feel when you try it on. The length of time most people spend looking for walking shoes is about a few minutes. But if you really want to find shoes that are healthy for your feet and can give your body the best benefits of walking exercises, you should spend more time searching.

There are several considerations you have to keep in mind when looking for men’s walking shoes. There are now a lot of reliable walking shoes from the top brands. All of these have high quality, are made of the finest materials, and use the most advanced technologies, but not all of them are suitable for you. You have to find shoes that match your foot type and are really designed for walking.

Tips in finding the best men’s walking shoes

  • mens walking shoesFind a good fit
  • Get flexible shoes
  • Look for low heels


1. Find a good fit

It is most important for a pair of men’s walking shoes to have a great fit. After all, most people use their walking shoes a lot. The shoe should fit properly, and this already involves the question of whether you have the right shoes for your foot type. This will ensure that the foot gives you the right cushioning and support in the right areas.

Aside from your foot type, there are other fit factors you have to consider. For example, the shoe should have a wide toebox so your toes can move around freely. In walking shoes, it is also important that the distance between your toes and the end of the shoe is as big as a thumbnail. And if the toe area should have enough space, the heel area should be perfectly snug so the heel won’t slip when you walk. But it should be just the right size so it won’t pinch your foot.

One shoe that gives a great fit is the Asics Gel Foundation walker. This offer from Asics comes with the special technology called PHF or Personal Heel Fit, which molds to the shape of the foot to give you a better step-in feel.

2. Get flexible shoes

It is also important for men’s walking shoes to be very flexible. The way the feet move when you walk and run are different. When you walk, the foot hits the ground heel first then it rolls slowly towards the toes. When you run, the transition stage is very fast and you leave the ground again. But when you walk, the foot stays on the ground for a longer period and the transition is slower and more pronounced. Thus, you need more flexibility especially in the sole so that the shoe will bend better especially under the toes.

You can find such flexibility in the New Balance 559 walking shoes, which comes with good treading in the sole.


3. Look for low heels

Aside from that, look for men’s walking shoes with low heels. The lower the heels, the more supportive the shoe is. If you have thick heels, the tendency is that it will flair out. As a result, your foot will smack the ground instead of roll slowly down. This can cause a lot of soreness especially in the shins. Besides, a lot of walking shoes with chunkier heels also tend to be very heavy, and the last thing you need when you’re walking is extra weight from your shoe.

Don’t Know Your Foot Type? Find Out before Buying Men’s Walking Shoes

If you don’t know your foot type, do the wet foot print test to check whether you have flat feet or high-arched feet. If you have flat feet, that means you need walking shoes with plenty of support. If you have high-arched feet, that means you need cushioned walking shoes. You have to find out your foot type before you go out to buy men’s walking shoes.


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