Women’s Walking Shoes
Meeting the Walking Woman’s Special Needs

Buying women’s walking shoes is not a simple matter. It’s a long process that requires careful thought and consideration. After all, women have special needs, and the female feet have its own requirements. But walking shoes for women make good investments because you can use them for a lot of things. you can use them for traveling, for going on your daily walking exercises, for shopping, for speed walking, for trail walking, and so on. However, it goes both ways. Since you are going to need the shoes for a lot of purposes, you also have to be very careful and wise when buying your pair, especially if it’s your first pair.

The female feet is very distinct because of its unique and more shapely contour. These special characteristics should all be carefully considered when you buy women’s walking shoes. This is why the fit of the shoe is most important. To ensure a good fit, find out what your foot type is.

If your feet are flat, then you are considered an overpronator, which means your feet roll inwards more than the normal range of motion. To correct this, you need motion control shoes. If your feet are high-arched, then you are an underpronator. This means your feet does not roll towards the ground enough, so the impact is concentrated on a very limited area of the foot. This can cause heavy strain on your foot, so you need plenty of cushioning to shield your feet from impact.

Here are some of the best features of women’s walking shoes. 

What Women’s Walking Shoes Should Have

  • womens walking shoesGood support technology: Impact Guidance System
  • Solid cushioning technology: Abzorb cushioning
  • Sturdy control technology: Rollbar TPU post


1. Good support technology: Impact Guidance System

It is important for a walking shoe to have good support to keep the wearer steady throughout her walk. One good supportive technology is the Impact Guidance System. This system simply guides the shoe along the correct phases of transition to make each stride you take more efficient. But the support is very subtle that it does not constrict or pinch the foot. The Impact Guidance System or IGS is a popular Asics technology and can be found in a number of Asics’ most popular shoes, such as the Asics Gel Motion, a great choice for women’s walking shoes.

2. Solid cushioning technology: Abzorb cushioning

A good walking shoe that can take you far without leaving you unprotected is a walking shoe with good cushioning. One of the best cushioning technologies found in women’s walking shoes is the Abzorb technology from New Balance. The Abzorb technology comes in many versions. Some versions are used for the forefoot area, some for the heel, and some are for the midsole. The beauty of this technology is that the Abzorb material has good compression, is very durable, and is very light.

One good walking shoe for women is the New Balance 845, which features the Abzorb FL cushioning. This walking shoe also comes with a Walking Strike Path outsole for flexible cushioning on the outsole.

3. Sturdy control technology: Rollbar TPU posts

There are plenty of women who have flat feet, and they need walking shoes with a good motion control technology that can keep their feet from pronating too much. One good technology that can control pronation is the Rollbar TPU medial and lateral posts. These motion control posts can be found in some New Balance walking shoes for women.

Women’s Walking Shoes: Looks Can Be Deceiving

A lot of women tend to look at a walking shoe based on its visual appearance. This is almost expected of every woman. Since women have strong style inclinations, they tend to see the way the shoe looks more than any other factors. So one important reminder when you’re shopping for walking shoes: do not look at the appearance and design of the shoe alone. It would be better to have a simple shoe that fits well and walks well than a very stylish but very uncomfortable walking shoe. The tradeoff is quite huge, like foot injuries caused by the wrong shoe. So make sure you know what to pay more attention to when choosing the best women’s walking shoes.


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