weight training and plyometrics

by Melanie Wright

Plyometrics and strength work :

"Hello Marius,

Could you please advise me on what additional weight training and plyometrics work I should incorporate into my run schedule to improve general fitness, and overall running fitness.

I have started going to the gym after a long lay off and want to enhance my running with it, to hinder myself.

I have read that plyometrics can really help speed but that you have to be careful due to increased risk of injury.

Kind regards,


AnswerHi Melanie and thanks for your question.

I've touched on this slightly before : Plyometrics and running

I do agree with you, there are several studies that supports the effect of plyometrics on running (on strength training, it is much more uncertain)

I would suggest you focus on two main exercises :

1) regular toe jumps (jumping-rope) 2-3 times a week to gain lower leg elasticity.

2) vertical run/jumps, type Sprunglauf :

This can also be done uphill.

There IS a real injury risk with this type of work. Start real, real gentle with it (5-15 reps) and build up from there. And if you get small nagging injuries from it, stop immediately.

As for strength work, be very careful with hard work on the legs in the marathon specific weeks of the 100 day plan. Aim for an overall strength circuit but limit the work done on the legs. Lots of reps, little weight.

The increased tension from weight work and running lots of long hard marathon workouts needs to be treated wisely !

I wish you all the best,

kind regards,

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