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Best Trail Running Shoes Reviews 2010 – Overpronation, Underpronation, Mens and Womens

best trail running shoes reviewsBest Trail Running Shoes Reviews 2010 – is all about finding your partner for the next running challenge, whether your looking for the best trail running shoes for overpronation, underpronation or top brand shoes from Nike, Asics or New Balance.

Trail running shoes are the heavy duty versions of regular running shoes. These are shoes that are made for the runners who have more challenging running goals. Trail shoes are built to be extra durable and should be made by material that can withstand the rough elements outside. So what to look for in your quiest for the best trail running shoes reviews of 2010 ?

A lot of runners have achieved their road running goals and want to take their love for the sport to the next level. Trail running offers an excellent challenge for this purpose. So stop eyeing those hiking tracks and get on them instead. But before you do so, make sure you have the right shoes. Even if you’ve been running for years and your running shoes have been the best and the most loyal partner, if it’s not built for the trail, it can’t take you to your next step.

But how can you tell whether a pair is considered as trail running shoes? You will be able to tell by checking 4 factors.

What Makes the Best Trail Running Shoes Stand Out ?

  • The soles
  • The midsole
  • The cushioning
  • The grip

1. The trail running shoes soles

The sole is very important in trail running shoes. Before anything else, check the soles. This is the part that really suffers a lot, so a shoe meant for trail running must have reinforced soles so that they won’t wear out easily regardless of where and how far you take it. Ideally, soles should be made of stiffer material that can withstand harsh conditions outside. The trail is full of stones, rocks, sticks, and whatnots, so the soles should be able to survive such challenges.

2. The midsole

Next, the midsole is also very important. This is the part where the arch of the foot lands. Thus, this area should be able to provide ample support and cushioning. And given the challenging trail runs, the midsole material should also be resilient and compressible.

3. The cushioning

The cushioning is the most important component in trail running shoes. The feet that run trails can suffer a lot of pressure and also faces high risk of injury and pain. To prevent this from happening, your shoes should have excellent cushioning. There are two requirements though. The cushioning material should be effective but lightweight. The trail runs are challenging enough; you don’t need any extra weight to carry. Second, the cushioning should not be mushy because this will compromise your stability.

4. The grip

Lastly, the grip plays a crucial role in keeping you on your feet during challenging trail runs. Hiking and off road trails are very unpredictable. You may come across rough terrains, slippery areas, and so on. Your shoes should be equipped with a sole that can get a good grip on any surface. Technologies such as flex grooves really help a lot.

The Best Trail Running Shoes to Check Out

Need trail running shoes? Check out the following shoes for the best trail running performance you can experience.

1. Adidas Supernova Trail

The Adidas Supernova Trail is Adidas’ best contender for the Best Trail Running Shoes Reviews 2010 award. This shoe is now on its 5th edition. It has been known to protect the feet from anything you might encounter while on the run. On top of that, it has been biomechanically designed to put you at your best running form. Its design helps protect from foot strain and muscle fatigue, and also lowers the risk of foot injury.

Featuring a Pro Moderator medial support device and 3-D Torsion construction in the midfoot area, the exclusive adiPRENE+ cushioning, and a lightweight and durable construction only Adidas can achieve, the shoe is definitely ready for the trail.

2. Asics Gel Trabuco

Equipped with a sticky rubber outsole for durability, resilience, and a steady grip on the ground, plus a rigid midfoot construction, the Asics Gel Trabuco is definitely all geared up and ready to go on the trail. It also brings with it Asics’ special gel heel pockets for cushioning.

3. Nike Air Trail Pegasus+

Pavement, slush, rocky terrains, rough roads – name it, the Nike Air Trail Pegasus+ can take it. The shoe features a narrow, stable construction, a hefty serving of foam in the forefoot, and a flexible construction that keeps feet comfortable and saves feet from much effort in running rough.


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